This is web-portal for RobustCavities, a software which computes cavities in proteins robustly taking into account uncertainties in the atomic radii.

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People Involved

RobustCavities is a joint project at Indian Institute of Science involving Visualization & Graphics Lab, Dept. of Computer Science & Automation, and Molecular Biophysics Unit.


  • Talha Bin Masood was supported by Microsoft Corporation and Microsoft Research India under the Microsoft Research India PhD Fellowship Award.
  • This work was partially supported by the Department of Science and Technology, India, under Grant SR/S3/EECE/0086/2012 and the DST Center for Mathematical Biology, IISc, under Grant SR/S4/MS:799/12.
  • We would like to thank Prof. Patrice Koehl for his suggestions and for sharing the source code of Proshape.


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