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Multifield Visualization

People involved: Suthambhara, Shantanu

Data from present day scientific simulations and observations of physical processes often consist of multiple scalar fields. It is important to study the interactions between the fields to understand the underlying phenomena. The gradients of the individual scalar fields and their mutual alignment is a good indicator of the relationships between the different scalar variables. The Jacobi set, defined as the set of points where the gradients are linearly dependent, captures the relationship between the gradients fields. For two dimensional domains, we describe a technique to create multiresolution representations of the Jacobi set and use it to study real world applications. We also introduce a variation density function and a gradient based comparison measure that helps in locating important isosurfaces and regions of interest. Subsequent visualization of the data focuses on these regions of interest leading to effective visual analysis.


  1. Suthambhara Nagaraj, Vijay Natarajan, and Ravi S. Nanjundiah.
    A gradient-based comparison measure for visual analysis of multifield data.
  2. Suthambhara N. and Vijay Natarajan.
    Relation-aware isosurface extraction in multi-field data.
  3. Suthambhara N. and Vijay Natarajan.
    Simplification of Jacobi sets.


  1. Multifield Isosurface Explorer
    An application for Relation-aware isosurface extraction in multi-field data to identify interesting isovalues of a scalar field.