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Uncertainty visualization using HDR images.

Vijeth Dinesha, Neeharika Adabala, and Vijay Natarajan.
Eurographics / IEEE-VGTC Symposium on Visualization, Poster, 2010.


Effective visualization of uncertainty associated with data has many applications in science and engineering. Visualization of a 3D scalar data set that displays detailed variations in uncertainty as well as in data is a challenging problem. We explore a novel approach to address the problem using High Dynamic Range (HDR) image maps. We use a transfer function that maps each data point to a color with floating-point color components. The luminance component of the color is exploited to capture the uncertainty. Direct volume rendering is used to produce an HDR image whose dynamic range is governed by the distribution of uncertainty in the volume. Tone mapping is used display this image on screen. The usage of HDR mapping reveals fine details in uncertainty distribution and enables the user to interactively explore the uncertainty associated with the data values.