Felix is a topology based framework for exploring filament structures in the Cosmic Web [1]. The large scale filamentary network forms an intricate part of the cosmic web. The filamentary structure is represented in Felix by a subset of the Morse-Smale complex of the density field. We generate a hierarchy of Morse-Smale complexes and support queries for filaments based on the density ranges at the end points of the filaments. The query is processed efficiently over the entire hierarchical Morse-Smale complex allowing for interactive visualization.

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  • Nithin Shivashankar


  1. Nithin Shivashankar, Pratyush Pranav, Vijay Natarajan, Rien van de Weygaert, E. G. Patrick Bos, and Steven Rieder.
    Felix: A topology based framework for visual exploration of cosmic filaments.
    IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Graphics, 22(6), 2016, 1745-1759.