MIE: Multifield Isosurface Explorer

Identifcation of important isovalues of scalar felds is a well studied problem. In this application we have used a relation-aware approach to explore scalar multifeld data. In the context of multifeld data, we calculate a variation density function, whose profle is a good indicator of interesting isovalues of individual scalar felds. The application, includes a graph viewer to plot the variation density function against isovalues and an Isosurface viewer to interact with Isosurfaces. The implementation is based on ideas described in [1].

Source code on GitHub is available here.


  • Suthambara
  • Shantanu



  1. Suthambhara N. and Vijay Natarajan.
    Relation-aware isosurface extraction in multi-field data.
    IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 17(2), 2011, 182-191.