IISc logo landscape


How the landscape was created?

The IISc logo landscape above was created by computing a topology-based segmentation of a signed distance field. The figures below illustrates the different steps in creating the landscape. The IISc logo was first converted to a binary image by applying a thresholding filter. Next, a collection of boundary curves was extracted from the binary image. A clean signed distance field from the set of curves was computed over a unit square. The sign of the distance field essentially segments the image into the blue and golden regions. The distance field is mapped to elevation resulting in a terrain, the IISc logo landscape. Isocontours of the distance field are computed and displayed over the terrain to highlight the valleys. The video above illustrates the mapping from the signed distance field to the terrain.

IISc Logo
Binary image created from the Logo using thresholding
Boundary extracted from the binary image
Signed distance scalar field is generated from the boundary image
The distance field is converted to a terrain by giving height proportional to the scalar value
The terrain is shown along with a few iso-contours in white


People involved

  • Talha Bin Masood
  • Akash Anil Valsangkar