Job Submit Form


    Please enter the EMD ID of the dataset whose symmetry has to be determined. EMDB IDs are available in EM DataBank.Please enter only the numbers

    Input File
    The input files are expected to be in VTK structured format.
    The input is expected to be a 3D grid.

    max min max/min regions
    This is an option to determine the symmetry in regions neighbouring local maxima or minima.

    Recommended parameters for each type are filled in automatically.
  • *Hover over field names for more information.


  • Approximation parameter
    Specifies when two contour surfaces may be considered similar to each other.

    Stabilization parameter
    Specifies the size of the neighbourhood of a saddle point that may contain a single sample contour. Determines the sampling density of contours.

    Noise threshold Specifies the smallest contour that may be considered as a symmetric region.

  • *Hover over field names for more information.